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If your website design is not complete, then you are wasting your money!

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Unfortunately, the term "Web Design" is loosely applied to the development of websites, no matter what they involve or include. This means that frequently, you as the customer are left to assess whether a web design company has the knowledge and understanding to develop your website. The question therefore is; are you aware of what is required for an effective website design?

Often the websites of web designers impart little knowledge to you, the viewer, and indeed do not demonstrate that they possess a full understanding, or can fulfill the requirements, of an effective website. Anyone can say that they are a "premier web design studio", or the "leader in website design". The reality is, very few are! This makes the process of choosing a website design company for your business, no matter how large or small, all the more difficult.

There is a Web Design "equation"

There are many facets to website design and development that need to be taken into consideration in order for your website to successfully meet (what should be), its necessary objectives. Perhaps one of the first steps is working out what are your website objectives in relation to your target audience. This will also help you assess whether your internet strategy and website design are likely to be effective. The next step in professional web design should be examining what will be employed to meet your objectives out of the myriad of online marketing strategies and web design techniques.

Unfortunately, these and other steps are seldom examined effectively by some web design studios; whether that is through a lack of knowledge, or through restrictions in their website pricing structure, the end result is the same. Many web designers simply do not apply the complete equation and as a result, do not create an effective online presence for their customers. A few thousand dollars for website development that is not effective, or does not achieve its business objectives, is thousands of dollars wasted. A "build anything and they will come" approach, rarely produces results and often requires another "initial investment" in your website design.

Successful Web Design requires a team of professionals

A professional web design studio should have a team of professionals that have in-depth knowledge of sales, marketing, website and online strategies, web design, website development, online programming, copywriting, search engine optimisation, and more.

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