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Electronic Newsletter Systems enable cost effective direct-to-customer marketing...

...delivering information to your ready-made market.

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Newsletter direct-to-customer marketing enables you to maintain a relationship with your customer, providing them with information that they are interested in receiving (i.e. a ready made market). Utilisation of the Internet for this purpose, via electronic newsletters (e-newsletters), represents a signification cost savings over traditional paper based newsletters and aids in customer website retention; keeping them coming back to your website to view news, events, products, services and information.

top-of-mind advertising to a ready-made market

An electronic newsletter enables the use of “top of mind” advertising. Simply put, the more you put your brand in front of customers, the more likely they will think of you when they need your products and wish to buy. Utilising “top-of-mind” advertising via e-newsletters offers a more targeted approach that traditional top-of-mind advertising, with recipients having already opted in to receive your e-newsletter. Because people subscribing to your newsletter want to receive it, you have a ready-made market which you can provide information on new product releases, sales, specials, news, and events.

User attention & retention

The correct use of your e-newsletter will keep your clients/prospects coming back to the website. Small abstracts of relevent information within the e-newsletter, with a link back to the full information on the website, will also enable you to measure and assess the success of your marketing pitch. Capturing your client/prospects attention through well thought out information aids in re-enforcing your brand and client retention.

Cost saving

E-newsletters systems can offer significant cost savings when compared to print based newsletters, even with many external third party e-newsletter systems requiring annual fees and even any charging per email sent. However, this cost can be even further reduced with the utilisation of newer, website-based e-newsletter systems (such as ours) that only have a once off charge with no annual fees or charges for emails sent.

Depending on your market demographics, it is possible that only a percentage of your customers may wish to accept an electronic newsletter in preference to an already received print based newsletter. However, a 60-70% conversion is typical and this certainly provides a significant reduction in newsletter printing costs. Also if managed well this acceptance rate can be increased over time.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Businesses are becoming more eco-conscious and are taking more responsibility for their carbon footprint. Whilst printed newsletter still have a place in marketing, many businesses are re-addressing the ways they communicate with their markets. E-newsletters offer a way of reducing your carbon footprint by replacing some of your print based communications.

subscribe & unsubscribe

Our electronic newsletter systems come with a subscription module that enables online users to sign up via your website to receive your business newsletter. This can either be an automatic process, or can involve processes of authentication, in which users are vetted prior to approval. In both cases, users are sent a prior confirmation email to ensure that the email address entered is correct.

Australian anti-spam laws also require that each e-newsletter sent out has an unsubscribe link that enables users to take themselves off the recipient list. Most e-newsletter systems comply with this, but it is always worth checking that this functionally is automatic.


Our e-newsletter systems have the ability to use multiple templates and these templates can be designed for different markets and recipients. For example, Diabetes South Australia required a number of variations of its e-newsletter in order to provide targeted information to different demographics. The e-newsletter system enables the easy selection of previously designed templates. Also depending on the requirements and design needs, the template can contain a table of contents, which is automatically constructed from the contents of the e-newsletter.

Recipient lists

In addition to the ability for users to subscribe to the newsletters on the website, internal staff can add recipients manually.This can either be adding individuals to to an existing list, subscribing to multiple lists, or importing recipients via a CSV file import (i.e. importing an export from a client relationship management system, CRM). As an option these recipients lists can be exported manually for importation into a CRM. A further option is the automatic linking and updating of these lists between the CRM and the newsletter system.


The e-newsletter system enables the easy construction of e-newsletters through the selection of an e-newsletter template designed for your business, a recipient list and articles/abstracts from your website. This provides an easy, efficient and fact method of e-newsletter construction.

Research has shown that e-newsletters should rarely exceed a page in length, as the users' attention is frequently lost with addition pages. This can be ameliorated some what by the use of abstracts and a table of contents.

Sending e-newsletters

Most professional e-newsletter systems send out emails via a web server rather than using an email client (such as Outlook). This has a number of advances such as, not "clogging-up" e-mail client software or computers, ensuring a restricted number of emails is sent out in a period of time to avoid spam listings, and tracking statistics.


Our e-newsletter system provides statistics such as whether emails have been sent, read/unread, bounced, article links clicked, and much more.

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