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The many technical choices you have to make when organising a website for your business can be overwhelming. And this is complicated by the range of developers, and designers in the marketplace, both good and bad.

When receiving proposed solutions for your online asset, you are likely to get the full spectrum; from shady characters who are trying to rip you off, to well-meaning, yet uninformed, web designers who don’t know as much as they let you think they do, all the way through to proficient and knowledgeable website developers. The first two types will take advantage of your lack of knowledge; one is trying to deceive on purpose, and the other doesn’t know enough to know that they don’t know enough. It is important to be able to recognise the difference between the three, if you are to make an informed decision. Not only will you need to come to grips with the terminology, it helps to understand, (even if at a high level), the technologies involved in supporting, developing, and running, your business website.

clear leaders

Over the years, the online landscape has witnessed such a dramatic evolution and adaptation that programming techniques and languages have needed to be developed or updated to cope with the momentum. However, during this time, clear leaders have established themselves as "best of breed" technologies and are used by the majority of top business websites.

website platforms & frameworks

Websites have now become places where entire businesses, enterprises and franchises can exist wholly online (i.e. Amazon.com), complete social networks are born, and information can freely and easily find distribution. For these websites to be successful however, they needed to be under-pinned by a hefty foundation of web technologies and programming to form a fast, cost-effective, stable and efficient "web platform". Additionally, powerful website development frameworks were needed to enable suitable design and dynamic functionality, as well as address issues such as accessibility and longevity (future flexibility, scalability and development) in websites.

cost benefits

The benefits of utilising and combining suitable website technologies can include reducing a web-site's online overheads (sometimes by as much as 90 percent). For example, it can result in lower costs (administration and support, maintenance fees, licensing/royalties, website hosting fees, and downtime), and increased performance (i.e. fast, stable, secure, fixes, and more).

Best of breed software

These days, all the relevant web technologies are available as open source and Proof Creative, as a web designer that is abreast of these developments, uses the "best of breed" open source website platform available and provides you with a tailored and customisable website solution through our open source website framework. Our framework enables us to offer greater flexibility, opportunity for expansion, and at a lower cost per quality ratio than any proprietary or licensed custom system.

Throughout the following pages, the website platform is explained, (to give you a greater understanding), and the website development framework explored (to demonstrate the benefits of our choices for your project). Please hang in there; the ride will be worth it.

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