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Does your website or homepage significantly increase the chance of you winning new customers?

Are your prospects intrigued enough to be guided toward a sale or conversion goal? They should be.


Effective Web Designers Adelaide. According to research, 83% of customers will visit your website or homepage before they decide to do business with your company. So if your website is either not professionally designed, cluttered, badly organized, features content that isn't compelling, or can't be found in the search engines, you are likely to have trouble making successful sales and in fact possibly damage your brand.

A successful and effective website is about maximizing your brand equity, marketing, and generating revenue. To produce a highly effective website, a team of knowledgeable and creative professionals in business, marketing, copy-writing, web design, HTML, PHP programming and the internet are needed. A professionally designed website takes into account the total user experience and how your potential customers will interact with your online content. The issues surrounding this interaction are a concern for any marketer because of their potential impact, positive or negative, on marketing metrics such as conversion rates (which in turn can affect your profitability). Web design is more than look and feel, and should include marketing strategies that permeate the layout, navigation, usability, and functionality - all from the perspective of your marketing objectives.

Maximising for brand exposure and online marketing

The Proof Creative team has watched and participated in the emergence of the Internet from a "new" media to the world's most influential communication and marketing tool. Our experience in web design and online marketing has enabled us to develop new ways to assist our clients with their online branding, maximising the exposure of their products/services and dramatically increasing their conversions. Our approach will give your company a distinct competitive advantage.

Some websites are more equal than others

There is a large disparity in web design and programming amongst websites today. With the glut of "build-it-yourself" and template-copied websites being built, with little design or marketing expertise, it may be difficult for businesses to realise the impact that a professionally designed website and online experience can have on potential customers and on a company's sales.

Your online presence provides you with the opportunity for your business to present a customised client experience with professionalism and a unique style (rather than a "same-same" off-the-shelf experience), that will encourage them to purchase with confidence and imbue them with loyalty. To most companies this represents tens to hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of dollars in sales or conversions, so it is not a time to cut corners to save a few pennies. At Proof Creative, our goal is to make our customers money, not cost them money.

In most cases a website is primarily a sales and marketing tool. And as such, in order to maximize sales and conversions, it should be created by a team of experts in branding, marketing, web design and programming. The websites Proof Creative builds are customized, not only to our clients' objectives, but to their target audiences.

An ever-changing online environment

New technologies, trends and changes in customer expectations and buying patterns demand that your site be interactive and constantly updated with new content. Having a static website is a sure way to end up in the online wasteland. Customers want to see new information, news, reviews, products and services, success stories, blog entries, press releases, pictures, articles and more. Search engines (such as MSN, Yahoo & Google) place a high value on websites that are updated frequently and also on newly added web-pages, which aids in gaining a higher website rank. To keep up with the rapid pace of the online environment, Proof Creative has a full suite of Web tools and ideas to enhance your online image and keep it current.

Matching your prospect's decision-making with your sales process

It does seem simple, yet few websites accomplish this goal. Most sites are created from an internal point of view, reflecting how the company might perceive itself. This "inside-out" approach does not have the benefit of the client perspective and can result with a disparity in the sales process. In most cases, this approach confuses and frustrates potential customers and results in a poor response rate.

Proof Creative focuses on the external point of view and works with you in designing an online experience that your customers can interact with and gain benefit from. The website needs to focus on persuading potential and returning customers to take the next course of action in the information/buying cycle.

An extremely effective website can increase your sales/conversions!

Potential customers visit websites with a goal in mind - to learn more, gather information, to be convinced, to be reassured, to register for information, to buy a product or service, and many other reasons. By understanding your customers' goals and motivations, we can create an intuitive online experience to match. Convert your visitors to clients. Contact us today!

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