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Why choose us

Why choose Proof Creative?

Because... not all design companies are created equal!

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Realising that there are a lot of options to choose from, we have put together this page to identify some compelling reasons to choose Proof Creative.Here is a snapshot of our core competitive advantages:

Our Approach

We consider it just as vital to get to know you and your business from the inside, as it is to be able to view your marketing objectives from an unbiased outsider's perspective. An effective design and marketing strategy is created from a combination of our knowledge, our customers' perspectives and often, their customers' perspectives. This process helps us create a unique "branding footprint" that provides a valuable insight to all members of our creative team and lays the foundation from which we can design, develop and implement an effective brand solution.

quality of creative work

There are many design companies out there, but only a few who truly produce quality, innovative and creative design work. Most reach the stage of "near enough is good enough" and stop there. Proof Creative prides itself on passionate attention to detail, as this is what often sets apart a great creative design from an "ok" design.

technical know-how

Many web design companies, ad agencies, marketing firms and graphic design companies simply can not offer the technical know-how that is needed to produce clean, efficient, easy to use and "future-proofed" web systems. We have the technology! To provide a competitive advantage our clients often require functionality that is tailored to their needs and objectives, rather than tailoring their business to the needs of the software.

marketing strategies

Our top creative, design and technical talent work together to create a brand and marketing tools that do more than just look great - they fit in with your marketing objectives and get results. We take a "marketing-first" focus and a "benefit orientated" client view of the sales cycle.

our team

Another of our core competitive advantages is the calibre of the Proof Creative team. Our team are all experienced and have worked on hundreds of projects. We hire the best talent and train them to think outside the box, to focus on results and clarity, over just fancy design with little apparent conversion goals or marketing direction.

services offered

Proof Creative offers more than the traditional creative studio. With graphic design, branding and brand development, web design, application development, e-commerce, SSL security certificates, payment gateways, web hosting, domain name registration, e-newsletter campaigns, ad design, SMS functionality and campaigns, copywriting, search engine optimisation, and more. This offering enables our clients to have a focused approach across all their brand marketing.

project methodology

Our project methodology comes from years of experience in the industry and lays out the essential steps in design and development, to bring your vision in, on time, and on budget. It provides a transparency and clarity to business procedures that are vital in the management of your successful project, by your team and ours.

client lounge and customer support

In the "Client Lounge", under a secure login, we have included client services to streamline your time. The service systems include viewing project / job management, request changes, website administration, and more. These services are in addition to the "quick-action" form-based requests that are available to the general public.

The online job management system makes managing and interacting with your projects a breeze. You can view proofs, zoom in, make changes, make approvals, request meetings, check progress and timelines, schedule conferences, and much more ...all via your client login, accessible on any Internet-connected computer.


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