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What do customers really think of your Web site?

Are they engaged, or do they quickly move on? Do you know why they left?

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Take the pulse of your Web site:

A comprehensive website review by Proof Creative will give you the necessary data to determine if your site is effectively capturing your audience's attention while guiding them toward the sales procurement process. If it is not, the review will explain the steps you need to take to develop a site that will intrigue your prospects and increase your sales.

The Proof Creative website review includes the following:

  • Analysis of home page graphics and colour scheme.
  • Analysis of home page message, calls to action, and secondary messaging and offerings
  • Analysis of effectiveness and usability of the navigational menu and site map
  • Analysis of home page's accessibility by search engines
  • Analysis of sub-page navigation and cross-selling
  • Analysis of sub-page content and calls to action for core services
  • Analysis of contact methods and forms, locations, etc.
  • Analysis of overall website architecture
  • Rating of overall website appeal and effectiveness
  • Report or review of findings with recommendations for enhancement

Our review is FREE for businesses that are in the market to upgrade their overall brand experience. In order to better serve you, we request a realistic marketing/design budget consistent with published standards, (5-12% of revenues annually). Get your website reviewed now!


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