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Flash & Interactive Development

Why be static when you can be interactive?

...Flash conquers the universe!

{for those wondering, this is a play on the tile of a 1940's twelve episode serial about Flash Gordon}

flash and interactive website development

Flash Animation Adelaide. Interactive and animated media has been around on the Internet for nearly 10 years, and for the most part the moving pictures, blinking icons, flashing logos, and long animated introductions have been more of an annoyance than a genuine enrichment.

No Longer!

Flash can be used to capture a prospective client's attention, whilst driving home a direct benefit of a product or service, or animating a diagram to explain complex issues (a picture is worth a thousand words after all), or simply enhance the customer experience and project a lasting feeling of quality.

As an example, instead of just static images or text on your page, lifestyle or business images could change, as could compelling messages or words, all in a timed sequence. The page which could have looked "text heavy" and static would now be rich with imagery and still impart the desired messages, in such a way that each message can capture the prospect's interest.

the most popular online interactive animation tool available

Most internet browsers today come bundled with the Flash player allowing anyone to view Flash animation and interactive media. Presentations, diagrams, movies and more can be created in Flash and published on the web, delivering a rich, interactive user experience.

The objectives of this type of interaction and user experience, usually indicate that this development should be completed by a team of marketing, programming and design experts; as just knowing how to use Flash, often translates into ineffective results. Proof Creative brings to life interactive media that has your marketing goals in mind, anticipates your audience's attention span, and generates interest, through stunning visual design and functionality. A Flash presentation on your website of your core services and competitive benefits would also compliment a download-able Flash or PDF presentation.

This is a short list of Flash uses:

  • Conversion of bulky and design restricted PowerPoint presentations
  • Animated headers & logos
  • Animated images & overlaid content
  • Animated diagrams & demos
  • Special Effects
  • Custom Graphic Interfaces
  • Database Interface
  • Sound Effects
  • Shopping Carts
  • and more...

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