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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) has come of age, with a large majority of Australians checking their balances, transferring funds, making payments and purchases...all online. In today's fast paced environment, customers are internet savvy, option rich, and yet time poor, with little or no time to casually wander from shop to shop in search of information or price/benefit comparisons.

With a growing number of internet users utilizing online purchasing, E-commerce websites and online shops are becoming more accepted as part of the internet and shopping landscape. With secure e-commerce systems in place, the ease of purchase for customers and the lower overheads for retailers, a lot of businesses are gaining a competitive advantage over those who do not have e-commerce websites.

With 83% of internet users, in Australia searching for products and services online, it is important to enable customers to purchase when and how they wish to, capturing them when they have reached the point at which they are ready to make a decision. As a consequence, a large percentage of consumers are looking for companies that provide e-commerce and online purchasing.

your business benefits

Virtual shops, or online shops, have a far greater marketing reach than traditionally available through a store front, whether that be local, state, national, or international. With customers able to access information about your company and its products online 24/7, they are able to undertake their decision-making process from the comfort of their home or office, no matter where your business is situated, and at a time convenient to them.

Automated online applications, such as ordering, purchasing and payment systems, enable your business to streamline its procedures, reduce overheads, and process payments at the time of ordering. These automated shopping systems should also enable your customer to follow a shopping procedure suited to them, as well as automate the order process. All in all, this makes you more competitive.

Setting up an e-commerce website offers the opportunity for your business to present a customised client experience with a unique style and professionalism, (rather than a "same-same" off-the-shelf experience), that will encourage them to purchase with confidence and imbue them with loyalty.

Online sales can be a great way to build your business sales, or introduce a new product to the marketplace. In addition, if you are offering an electronic newsletter to existing customers, you have a ready-made market for your new product releases and specials.

your Customer benefits

Your online shop is more than a store-front to your customer; it is a convenience. Customers today view it as a value-added service that they can access from wherever and whenever they like. There are no checkout queues to stand in, no rude shop assistants with attitude (however unintentional!), and no shelves to search.

Not only is it important to provide your potential customer with suitable "depth-level" information, your online store needs to provide benefit-oriented calls-to-action that empowers your customers' purchasing control. With no over-zealous sales people pressing for a decision before they have made one, customers are free to complete their decision-making process at their own pace and in their own way.

what are the components needed?

Your e-commerce website can have many components, and varied functionality, depending on your business requirements and objectives. It is important that the components and functionality fit with your business processes and your desired customer buying experience. Some of the components and functionality that can be included in your e-commerce solution are;


  • Ordering system
  • Security certificates
  • Shopping cart system
  • Booking system
  • Freight/postage/handling calculators
  • Customer login
  • Pricing discount tables
  • Product database update
  • Accounting system integration
  • Credit card processing (& others such as Paypal)
  • Stock levels
  • Detailed product information and benefits
  • Supplier ordering
  • Loyalty systems
  • Promotional discounts
  • SMS or online sales chat
  • Multiple browse and search
  • + more


a customised solution for your business

E-commerce shopping sites can be basic, such as selling a book or a CD online, or extensive, like Amazon.com. There are many considerations in making your online business a success; including branding, client demographics, customer benefits, client experience, intuitive ordering, and much more. We will need to discuss the specific features with you to determine what systems will best meet your business, and your customers' needs.

Proof Creative can design and customise your e-commerce website, online shop, ordering system, booking system or payment administration system to your specific objectives and requirements. We use industry standard programming languages and systems that will ensure your e-commerce website is an asset now and in the future.

Proof Creative offers e-commerce solutions including website design, custom online shopping carts, SSL certificates, booking systems, ordering systems, payment gateways, and Web Development services across Australia. Don't trust this to just anyone! Call us on 08 8329 1300 or email us today .


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