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Downloadable PDF Brochures

One of the most popular requests from customers when evaluating potential vendors is a downloadable brochure.

Make sure you give them one.

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Customers today will visit many vendors online and one of the most helpful tools to the customer and the vendor, is a well designed downloadable brochure. Downloadable brochures in the PDF format are becoming essential in marketing, allowing businesses to present a graphically rich, compelling presentation and sales arguement that the potential customer can take away with them.

A well-designed downloadable PDF brochure will give an overview of core services, benefits, and a persuasive sales arguement, allowing the potential customer to save it for their own review, or to forward it onto the decision maker(s).

An invitation for your customers to take a course of action

Customers can arrive at a prospective vendor's website through a number of marketing strategies and in poorly designed sites, are usually prompted to email or call if they are interested without the benefits of the "call to action". This can, and often does, result in a poor brand impression or lost customer.

Proof Creative highly recommends that all companies provide a professionally designed PDF brochure of 2-12 pages, reviewing core services, competitive benefits, and current offerings. The option to download this document from your website is an excellent "call to action" as well as an opportunity for you to present the professionalism of your business and capture prospective customer information.


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