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Over 83% of prospective clients are looking for your business on the Web.

Are they going to find you, ....or your competition? Make sure it is you!


Search Engine Optimisation Adelaide. So why does your website need to be Optimised for Search engines? Simply because your website's Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is capable of sending you more qualified leads, at a lower cost per lead, and better Return On Investment (ROI), than traditional advertising mediums of the past. (Although we do recommend a combination of traditional advertising and new media for maximum direct response marketing).

Why Isn't your website fully optimised?

Unfortunately, a lot of web design companies simply do not optimise their clients' websites for search engines. Relegated to the "don't know drawer" or the "too hard basket", the end result is a bit like building a house without a street address; it is difficult for people to find you.

Being an art and a science, it often takes a special kind of person to analyse and optimise web pages, ensuring that your website is found under those search phrases that will most benefit your business and obtain the right ranking within the search results. All too often incomplete website search engine optimisation leads to a position in the search results that is less than optimal, potentially giving your competitors the jump on you. Proof Creative has a unique and highly effective methodology to maximize your website's search engine results.

professional search engine optimization in adelaide

As a professional web design company based in Adelaide, we specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO). Optimisation of a website starts with keyword analysis and addresses the website structure, layout and architecture. In addition, each individual page is optimised to ensure that all pages are search engine friendly (SEF) and the web site ranks well in the search engines. As a search engine optimisation specialist, we design websites that are optimised from the "ground up."

It is important that once the initial search engine optimisation has been completed your website has to be maintained. Our Content Management System (CMS) not only allows you to maintain your content but it also contains search engine optimisation components that enable the easy updating of your website's search engine optimisation . These SEO components are accessible through the CMS and include such actions as being able to alter keywords, page titles & page descriptions.

Proof creative's 4 Core Areas for Successful SEO

There are many items to address for successful SEO and these are broken into four key sections:

  • Initial SEO - Research, design, layout, and website structuring strategies (usually undertaken when we build the website). Metatag and Keyword implementation. Search engine and directory submissions.
  • SEO Service & Maintenance - Metatag, keyword and ranking analysis and reviews. Competition Comparison, Link Building, and new strategy/tactic implementation.
  • SEO Check up - Statistics & Reporting. Get regular statistical reports on your position and your SEO progress.
  • SEO Authority Articles and Press Releases - Industry/product/service related articles and press releases that are written and optimized to maximise your sites relevance on the web. A two for one advantage, with both SEO and PR value.

Regular SEO Service and Maintenance

Regular servicing and tuning of your website's search engine optimisation (SEO) is a major key to achieving top results in todays competitive markets. Unfortunately, this is a practice seldom used, and even less frequently implemented correctly. Website optimisation is in constant evolution and therefore it requires keeping up to date with changes to maintain and build your web presence and "value" on the web.

Worked on monthly, our search engine optimisation team will build your online presence and maintain/increase the "value" of your website as seen by the major search engines. Remember, the Return On Investment (ROI) for an effective site can be tremendous in comparison to traditional advertising and marketing techniques.

So whether your market reach is international, national, state or capital cities (Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide), search engine optimisation can significantly improve your client base. Make sure your prospective customers can find you; rather than just your competitors. Schedule a meeting with us today!

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