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Wine Label Design SA. Wine label design and packaging is crucial to selling wine. Even though it might seem superficial, a lot of consumers buy a bottle of wine based on its appearance. This is likely to be because, as consumers, it is hard not to link our feelings about "what the package looks like" to what's in the bottle. We often start with knowing how much we want to spend and what type of wine we want to drink, but it is usually the packaging and branding that sways us after that. So when choosing a bottle for the first time, it's often not what's inside, but what's outside that counts.


What's on the outside of the bottle

It is clear that the way a wine is packaged can stimulate a consumer's interest in purchasing the product. And whilst wine packaging targets the over-all appearance, (including the bottle, the closures, embellishments and treatments), nothing is as important to the identity of a wine, as its label.

In today's highly competitive national and international market, the entire bottle package, especially the wine label, plays a greater role than ever in the successful "uptake" of a wine. A well-crafted wine label not only delivers information about the wine to a potential buyer, but it should also create a lasting impression about the brand, and help establish the identity and credibility of the wine with potential consumers.

The opportunity

There are many factors that need to be considered when branding a wine and designing wine labels; the product itself, the price-point, demographics, the personality of the region, the wine company and the wine-maker, the bottle itself, the closures, colours, styles, treatments, embellishments, and the list goes on.

The wine label itself presents an opportunity to use the restrictions of a small piece of paper (typically the front and back labels) to create a real emotional impact.  For this to happen there needs to be an emphasis on the total brand and what section of the market you, as the wine-maker, are targeting. The more the look of the container attracts the attention of your demographic, the more curious consumers are to find out what's inside.

In general, good wine label design creates a striking visual image that can serve as a narrative about the contents of the bottle and the producer, embodying something of the personality of the wine and those who made it.

Wine Label Design - an art and a science

Our job as professional wine label designers is to create a label that is distinctive from all others and draws the eyes of consumers to the bottle. Our role is a little like yours, but instead of crafting a fine wine with a wonderful aroma, ample flavour and a gracious finish, we craft a label with the appropriate style, colours, shapes, textures, and fonts to enhance the overall appeal of your bottle of wine to your market demographics.

Colour is often an important part of this equation. This is especially true with the newer labels expressly being created for value-priced wines, which can often feature two or three separate colour schemes that are vibrant and eye-catching.

However, effective and stylish single-colour-scheme wine label designs can be created for brands that prefer a classic or modern style of label. These can still draw the consumer's eye with the use of appropriate typography, layouts and style. It is worth remembering that sometimes innovation and originality have to be tempered with a view to longevity and tradition. Good wine label designs have to have staying power, unless of course re-branding is a feature of your marketing plan.

Part of our goal is to articulate your vision for your wine. However, it could be a mistake to put a frivolous design on a serious wine, and visa versa. Even though creativity plays an important role in wine label design, the choices of which styles should be used will depend on the marketing angle and the price point of the wine. Ultimately, the style of wine you have created for your markets should drive the design.

So whether you are releasing a new wine, or vintage, or would like to rejuvenate a brand that may have become tired or is simply missing your demographic, call us today.


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