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Annual Report Design Adelaide

A successful annual report design is about Communication

….sharing your vision, and promoting your brand.

annual report design adelaide

A successful annual report, prospectus, or information memorandum is not about simply providing financial data and stating mandatory information; it is an opportunity to communicate, share your vision and reinforce your brand.

Communicate with your investors

The annual report has shifted from merely a record of past and present performance to communicating your story and your vision. Today the printed annual report has evolved into a dynamic multipurpose marketing and communications tool that has huge and lasting effects on investor relations. And with annual reports likely to reach audiences whose backgrounds and interests in reading them vary greatly, it is important that the report communicate effectively with them all.

For readers who may find the financial review section of annual reports too technical, or do not have the time to analyse the figures, the narrative sections offer them more information than just the financial data on the company’s yearly progress. These sections can contain summaries, stylish graphics, artistic photographs and designs layouts that capture the readers attention, allow them to scan the information and form an impression of your company at a glance.

Telling the story of the year and the vision of what lies ahead are both equally important, as these narratives communicate cultural beliefs and values that affect how readers envision the industry, your company, and even your business strategies.

encapsulate your brand

The tactile nature of your annual report can tell your investor a lot about your company in subtle ways - the format, colour palette, arrangement of images, die-cuts, embossing, and foil stamping; all add another dimension to the message that is being communicated. This is one of the main reasons that the printed annual report has not been replaced by the website annual reports in most companies

Furthermore, an annual report may be the only connection between an investor and your company, and as such it may be the total representation of your brand and it’s potential. It is therefore important that your annual report design visually communicate the cultural values of your company and its vision.

Engage your investor

Regardless of whether a company has experienced a strong or weak year, the basic elements of a good annual report design remain unchanged. These include a clear and focused message, professional copy-writing, compelling visuals, clever organisation of information, high production values and some elements that grab attention.

One of the first steps in annual report design is engaging the reader. If it doesn't engage the reader you risk losing them altogether. Remember you are competing for your reader’s attention, not only with other annual reports, but for their available time.

Good visual layout allows the reader to be unconstrained by a linear presentation, enabling them to move about, settle on certain sections, read some sections lightly, some intently, some not at all, and still have a good idea of what the text is about.

support your vision

It is imperative that you use quality materials to support your vision, as to not do so is likely to project the wrong message. Stakeholders need to be assured the organisation is not in the business of cutting corners or taking the easy way out. A business needs to project confidence and competence, so producing a well-designed, well-crafted book is important.

A well-written and cleverly designed annual report is a must to, establish, reinforce and maintain your reputation. Contact us at Proof Creative and let us help you paint the picture and tell the story...


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