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Commercial Photography Adelaide. Proof Creative is a creative studio based in Adelaide that is dedicated to providing original, inspiring and emotive images. We offer commercial photography in Adelaide, including product photography, wine bottle photography lifestyle photography , and location photography.

Product Photography Adelaide

First and foremost, the ultimate goal of product photography in brochures and advertising material is to sell product! Depending on your marketing material the product photography can play a greater or lesser role. In some material, such as catalogues, it is the product photography that usually grabs the attention and not the copy, headlines, or price. Product photography must represent the features and benefits of your product and If the product image has your customer's attention, the other elements will close the sale.

A specialist area of product photography is wine bottle photography, or contoured bottle shots. With special lighting, a keen eye and careful image editing, your wine can be brought to life with depth and clarity. To add longevity to your bottle shots the vintage can be edited out (or removed), and the bottle photography used across most media; including web, brochures, advertising and promotions.

Lifestyle Photography Adelaide

Presentations with lifestyle photography are fun to create and entertaining to browse through; they can help define your identity, show your products in action, and add ambiance and interest to your marketing material. Lifestyle photography can also create or depict a situation that describes a product's benefit. You can also use lifestyle photography to show the customer the end result, how they can put together a variety of products, or simply associate the product with a happy scene.

The problem is that full lifestyle presentations are often not very efficient at selling product. Products tend to disappear into the "atmosphere", and real lifestyle advertising is more about image than about selling off the page. If you're selling commodity products and price is your main point of differentiation, you might be better off spending your money on product photography alone.

A lot of marketing material uses a mix of product and lifestyle photography to keep the material fresh and interesting. A creative makeover to incorporate more lifestyle photography can help to differentiate your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace and result in a significant lift in sales.

Whichever style and mix of photography is used, it's important that the creative presentation is consistent with your theme and supports your brand.

Location Photography

For those times when it is important to present your organisation, your workplace, or your people, rather than stock photography of someone else, location photography can provide you with unique imagery to help your clients identify with your company or business.

Location photography need not be boring. Artistic photography can capture the mundane and present a view point that is both attractive and innovative. A post at the end of a row of vines that fades into the distance, an interesting angle on a building frontage, a cropped shot of a business address; all grabs of life that add interest and points of view, not only for what they capture but for what they don't.


So whether is it photography for your website, brochures, annual reports, products, or lifestyle shots Proof Creative can provide you with the creative imagery you need. Contact us to discuss your options.


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