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Graphic Style Guide

Your brand, your way....a Graphic Style Guide

...why you need one!

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A Graphic Style Guide (or brand style guide) is a manual that lets you detail the standards and specifications for how your brand is represented across all the media you develop for your business. This assures that your brand (logo and brand collateral) is always presented correctly in all communication and media tools.

it's you that they want!

A graphic style guide is essentially about putting your brand forward in a recognisable way. Branding is about consistent identifiable media collateral; prospects need to know it is you and not someone who looks "kind of like" you!

building a strong brand

Building a strong brand is about building trust in your business, and the foundation of trust is consistency. When you act the same way every time, people trust you will continue to act that way. So when you look the same way every time, by using a graphic style guide, it reinforces the feeling of trust in your company.

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setting the style

A Graphic Style Guide is in a PDF format and shows the acceptable colour & layout options for different media, containing both specifications and visual examples. It includes styles, spacing, colours, fonts, images, margins and more. Proof Creative's unique Graphic Style Guide also includes colour schemes for advertising, marketing, and key communication and online tools.

The following items are Included in the guide:

Logo Formats and Styles for:

  • B & W
  • CMYK
  • PMS
  • Web Colour Matching
  • RGB Values for Animation (if purchased)
  • Sign & Embroidered Logos
  • Unacceptable Use

Layoutand Print Guidelines for:

  • Colour Palette - Making sure that all your media uses a colour scheme that is consistent and approved. We use a blending system that picks the main and complementary colours assuring a compelling and professional image.
  • Approved Images - Making sure that images that are used for online and print promotions are used correctly.
  • Business Cards - This includes margins, guides and fonts.
  • Tag Lines - Including where to use and fonts, colour and size.
  • Letterhead(s) - Specifies page margins, logo, fonts, print, and guides in print and electric versions
  • Website - Logo, fonts, headings, margins, and guides
  • Labels & Packaging - logo, fonts, margins, and guides
  • Insert/Product - logo, fonts, margins, and guides
  • Large Envelopes - logo, fonts, margins, and guides
  • Small Envelopes - logo, fonts, margins, and guides
  • Fax - logo, fonts, margins, and guides
  • Optional Collateral - Includes one page i.e. either cover letters, with compliment cards, or similar other item.
  • E-Mail Signature - logo, fonts, colours

Starting from as little as $3,500, the Graphic Style Guide package provides an invaluable guide to internal staff and external agencies alike. Proof Creative - Graphic Style Guides Adelaide.


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